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Meet girls on kik

The “sexting”, meet girls on kik. Acronym formed by sex and text messages (“sending text messages via SMS»). Textopornographie according to FranceTerme1, it’s the script for sending sexually explicit. Texts or photos electronically, in French of” sexting “, meet girls on kik, especially from a mobile phone to another. The term appeared in 2005 in Australia.

In an article in the newspaper The Daily Telegraph (the Sunday Edition magazine) 2.

meet girls on kik

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  • In the United States in 2009, this activity is practiced mostly by young adults and adolescents3, 4.
  • In France,meet girls on kik, and Quebec (where they are called SMS text messages), sending sexting.
  • In the United States, the elderly at age 16 and 17 year-olds were arrested and charged. With possession of pornographic material-PET in January 2009 following the broadcast of pictures of nudes from eux5.

In the United States, though, a young man of eighteen, Jessica Logan, he committed suicide.

After images, naked, she were disseminated in their high school by her boyfriend, who had brought his harassment by the other responds.

The official journal, which publishes laws and regulations, comes to deal with a thorny problem, which will delight the purists of the French language and perhaps torrid texting of lovers.

They will be thrilled to know that his activity now has a French name, approved by the Committee on terminology. Placed under the authority of the Prime Minister. This organization, which meets every month to propose neologisms, decided that, henceforth, the “sexting” Anglo-Saxon term would have its translation into French: “textopornographie”. Meet girls on kik!

This new feminine noun is promulgated in the OFFICIAL GAZETTE on 5 December. And will propose two synonyms: “sexto” and “pornographic” text. These conditions have emerged alongside other belonging to the field of law. Such as “child pornography”, “preventive restructuring plan”, or “videoagression”, which has replaced the term happy slapping.

A social phenomenon appeared for several years in the United States made more followers in the world: “sexting”.

However, various relationships and child protection specialists denounced the dangers of this practice.

End of love letters turn eroticism dyed, fashion is now the “sexting”, that is to say, by sending sms or naughty sensual pictures via mobile phone. If more and more people are tempted by this new erotic practice-virtual, that is the sexting to boost your sex life by dropping taboos.

Sexting on Kik

For many Sexologists, naughty SMS sending is a good solution unobtrusive, simple and fast to excite your partner. “It is true that the naughty text messages are very trendy,” recognizes the sexologist Joëlle Mignot. “In fact it can be very exciting for the person who receives it, but also very disturbing. For a guaranteed effect, even better to choose your moment! “, she continues.

A dangerous trap

However, if the “sexting” is used to boost your sex life, derivatives have a dangerous trap for those who would not enough attention. Teenagers are the main victims of these derivatives, because unconscious for most, do not hesitate to participate in this game without thinking about the risks. The suicide of young Jessica Logan in 2009, after the dissemination on the Internet of a picture of her nude sent his friend little, is the perfect example of the dangers of “sexting”.

The victims of stars “sexting”

If you are deriving from this practice ceases to be cleared, the number of victims of sexting continue to grow. Indeed, most private images are broadcast via the Internet and social networking, thus humiliating the followers of naughty mms as Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively or even Justin Timberlake who has appeared with a small pink panties on the head.

And you, what do you think? Are followers of sexting? What are the best “sexting” which has received?